10 December 2006



呼唤 似如梦幻的倩影

扰乱了 大地的平静

直叫 波涛澎湃

直逼 神哭鬼泣

侵蚀了 无息的时空


朦胧间 逐渐消失
转瞬间 变成黑点



18 June 2006

Happy Father's Day

My PAPA ..
a man who has never had any tertiary education ..
but a man who has managed to groom all his children into Engineers ..
but a man who has climbed the ladder from an office boy to a manager ..
but a man who started bare-footedly and walks in leather shoes today ..

My PAPA ..
a man who was once accused by the others as being thrifty ..
but a man who has never ever hesitated to splash money on our education ..
but a man who has deprived himself of new clothes, just to get his beloved ones theirs ..
but a man who is never afraid of being labelled stingy..
for he is always wealthy in catering to his family ..

My PAPA ..
in you, we have seen the best example of 'nothing is impossibe' ..
in you, we have seen the replica of a successful person in life ..
I remember u told us : Everything starts from a dream, never be ashamed to dream ..
and we do still remember things that u told us from day one ..

Words are scarce to express our gratitude ..
for nothing could be enough to return ur love and care..
:) Happy Father's Day :)

-TH, TK, HK-

12 June 2006

Mas v Singapore

Title : Malaysia vs Singapore - Why we fail the negotiation?

Singapore Cabinet

PM Lee Hsien Loong
Cambridge University - First Class Honours (1974)
Harvard University - Masters (1980)

SM Goh Chok Tong
University of Singapore - First Class Honours (1964)
Williams College, USA - Masters (1967)

MM Lee Kuan Yew
Cambridge University - First Class Honours (1949)

Minister for Law Prof. S Jayakumar
University of Singapore - Bachelor of Law Honours (1963)
Yale Univerity - Masters (1966)

Minister for Home Affairs Wong Kan Seng
University of Singapore - Bachelor of Arts & Business Admin (1977)
London Business School - Masters (1979)

Minister for Foreign Affairs BG George Yeo
Cambridge University - Double First Class Honours (1976)
Harvard Business School - MBA w/ Distinction (1985)

Minister for Trade and Industry Lim Hng Kiang
Cambridge University - First Class Honours w/ Distinction (1976)
Harvard University - Masters (1986)

Minister for Defence Teo Chee Hean
University of Manchester - First Class Honours (1976)
Imperial College, London - Masters w/ Distinction (1977)

Minister for Education Tharman Shanmugaratnam
London School of Economics - Bachelor of Arts
Cambridge University - Masters
Harvard University - Masters

Malaysia Cabinet

PM Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi
University of Malaya - Bachelor of Arts Honours (1964)

Deputy PM Dato' Sri Najib Razak
University of Nottingham - Bachelor of Arts Honours (1974)

Minister of Foregn Affairs Syed Hamid Albar
(can someone tell me his univeristy? )- Bachelor of Arts

Ministry of Works- Dato' Seri Samy Vellu
(Education Unknown)

Ministry of International Trade & Industry Rafidah binti Aziz
Universiti Malaya - Bachelor of Arts Honours

Minister of Agriculture Muhyiddin Yassin
(Education Unknown)

Ministry of Domestic Trade Shafie Apdal
(Education Unknown)

Minister of Education Hishammuddin Hussein
(Education Unknown)

Minister of Home Affairs Radzi bin Sheikh Ahmad
(Education Unknown)

**That is why they are so desperate to get Khairy Jamaluddin up so fast, because he is from Cambridge. God knows how he got in!

14 May 2006

Mummy, i still remember....

Mummy, i still remember...
You used to walk me to every tuition centre ...
You used to accompany me on buses ...
be it to the British Council or Pusat Bimbingan Lai Lai...
be it on sweltering days or rainy nights ...
for we could not afford any car back then ...

Mummy, i still remember ...
at times when i fell down ...
be it in my pursuit towards my goals ...
be it over a chair or a hurdle ...
You have always been there to embrace me with your arms ...
You have never failed to pick me up again and again...

Mummy, i still remember ...
You forked out those little extra bucks that you've been saving...
only to buy me my favourite toys ...
You woke up the earliest in the morning everyday...
only to wake us up and prepare us the breakfast...
so on and so on and so on ...

and Mummy, i still remember...
I am who i am today because of your undividing love ...
I am where i am today because of your unfailing support ...
I am what i am today because of your unflagging care ...
I am everything i am because you are my mummy...

I could never be filial enough to repay your love ...
No amount of words could have said how grateful i am ...
for your love is immortal and your care is bounteous ...
The only thing i could do today is to say ...
I love you and thank you ...

- Tua Pui Kia -

18 April 2006


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02 April 2006


以往 拥挤的人群
以往 被簇拥的感觉

以往 热情的眼神
以往 含笑的脸面

口中 依然吟吟有歌
管他 听懂听不懂
任他 异样的眼神